It won’t be wrong to say that a house is inadequate without tile flooring. It builds the foundation of a multi-facet notion to embellish the walls according to the tone of the tile. Therefore, Flooring is the heart and soul of the overall aesthetic view of the house. And that to all, if the pink terrazzo tiles are the option, which signifies the proverb old is gold and justifies its worth with uniqueness, elegance and intricate design and pattern.

If some light is thrown on its history, the pink terrazzo tiles dated evidence in the 19th century as its maiden in the United States of America. They drove the popularity of the Art deco style design on the Hollywood walk of fame. Hence terrazzo tiles are that old but in the recent cult of design and artefacts have re-establish themselves.

Is it worth re-establishing the pink terrazzo tiles?

A comeback always arrives with a bag of doubts and queries, especially on the worth of the product. So, to substantiate there are several merit points, the most prevalent ones are enlisted below:

  • Persistence:  This facet of the product forms a fundamental base for purchase. In the case of terrazzo tiles, the raw substance used is responsible for robustness and perpetual property; hence, it claims itself as the strongest tile in the market. 
  • Resistance Property: To maintain the aesthetic look of the tiles is considered a challenge for many house owners, especially children are an integral part of it. Therefore, the pink terrazzo tile endures a balance between aesthetic view and resistance proof and fits itself optimally. It bestows scratch resistance, repels water and makes anti-slip and many more. 
  • Ecologically sound: Products such as granite, marble chips, quartz etc., are extracted from the natural environment and reflected as eco-friendly tiles. Moreover, ceramic terrazzo tiles are also built out of natural elements called clay. 
  • Latest innovation: Updation is the absolute intention for innovation, and therefore, pink terrazzo tiles mixture is being used in a blended form of resin as well as conventional cement to ensure its all extraordinary properties like scratch resistance, anti-slip, ease of cleaning and many more to count. 

Things to speculate about before purchasing

  • The density of chips: In the formation of tiles, granite and marble chips are used, and their density varies and reflects a huge difference in appearance. Hence, the density of chips in the tiles does matter. 
  • The thickness of tiles:  As per the arena, the implementation of designing a thickness fluctuates. For instance, if the purpose is to fix the terrazzo tiles in the washroom and kitchen area, then the need for thickness is more, whereas if the purpose is to fix the wall, then the requirement is less.

Variety of hues: Colour is the most taken-for-granted aspect, but its shapes make a psychological impression on the human mind. For example, pink terrazzo tiles are best suited for the bedroom, whereas vivid colours like shades of yellow and blue are perfect for living rooms.

  • The finish on the tile:  Added properties of the terrazzo tiles, such as anti-slip, anti-scratch, no fade of colours etc., are done as a finishing touch and boost the market value of the product and hence the demand and supply ratio. Therefore, these finished touch properties need to be analysed before buying. 
  • Estimate Cost: Spending on tiles is a matter of personal choice and can be as luxurious as a precious metal. At the same time, the price varies based on the types and quality of tiles. For instance, standard tiles cost £75 per square metre, while terrazzo tiles cost £250 per square metre. Investing in tiles is proved fruitful always if the house is permanent because it is a one-time investment that lasts forever. 

Wrapping up

Pink terrazzo tile flooring is a great choice for boosting the aesthetic approach of the house. Terrazzo Flooring Dubai is a renowned company offering the best tiles throughout Abu Dhabi. We have numerous options, and our tiles fit every customer’s budget.

If you are impressed by the pros and cons of these pink terrazzo tiles and are considering them for your flooring need, visit our website to avail yourself of a wide range of flooring services with 24×7 availability and on-time delivery.